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The National High School Musical Theatre Awards


The National High School Musical Theater Awards are designed to encourage student participation in the performing arts and provide a new and much needed incentive for schools and communities to invest in their performing arts programs - often the among the first programs reduced or eliminated when budgets are tight.

Each year hundreds of thousands of students across the United States participate in their high school musical - creating memories and achievements that will last a lifetime. Participating in a high school musical is often the first step a young person takes on the path to a professional performing career. The National High School Musical Theater Awards creates a new opportunity to recognize and celebrate achievement in high school performing arts at a national level and identify exceptionally talented emerging artists.

Pittsburgh CLO and Broadway Education Alliance are co-producing this nation-wide program, but we can’t do it alone! We need your support to help provide housing and transportation for our student performers and to provide them with a program that will help make their dreams come true.

There are many benefits available to you as Sponsor or Donor but none are as compelling as the knowledge that you are helping to spread the joy of musical theater across the country and across the generations.

Please consider becoming a Donor or Sponsor.

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